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Update - June 2016

Emme Briscoe

This is an update to our April announcement below. As noted previously, we will be closing our shop but due to recent positive events, we may stay open a few weeks longer (1-2 months absolute max) than originally anticipated. The current close date is set for July 11th, 2016 and we will have a firm close date (which may or may not change) around mid-June. When we have that information, we will note it on the website. Until then, please submit orders as normal. 

Some of our ropes are already out of stock and we are removing pages and listings of items we no longer offer. Canes, MFP Rope (with the exception of what is listed on the Sale Rope page) and some accessories are out of stock for good. 

For our Rope of the Month Club members, please submit your monthly requests as normal. When we have a firm close date, we will be contacting each one of you on how we will finish out your membership whether you have 2 months or 10 months remaining. All memberships will be completed in full by the time we officially close!

As always, please contact us via email with any questions.


The MauiKink team