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Coconut Rope

The original sadistic rope by! Traditional Polynesian cordage from Coconut husks that was made by villagers rolling strands of the husk on their legs until the rope was formed. Harsh and stiff with a very coarse bristle, our Coconut Fiber Rope is 2 ply twisted with a very tight weave. Our newest stock is of a fairly consistent diameter throughout the lengths, very tight and well defined. Though a darker brown than our previous stock and thinner, we love the ease in which it handles and knots. We also carry a deep black. Reminiscent of horsehair rope and likened to barb wire, though in a usable size for bondage, this fiber is perfect for a sensational Shibari scene. We have processed and cleaned the rope so it will be ready for use right away and recommend a light trimming for maintenance. Can be washed and air dried. Can cause skin abrasions. Not recommended for suspension bondage or holding weight. There is sure to be tons of interest from your local masochistic rope bottom if you are the first one to pull this rope out of your rope bag! Rated for heavy play. Rope comes in approximately 4MM diameter with knotted ends only. We fully customize your bondage rope to fit your needs - order in foot or meter lengths up to continuous lengths of 50ft. Pricing is by the foot or meter. Custom lengths available.

 Coconut Rope Colors - Natural Brown and Black

R/P: RiggerJay, Model: Leila Hazlett, Rope: Coconut

R/P: RiggerJay, Model: Leila Hazlett, Rope: Coconut