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DIY Hemp Rope Kit

There is a unique energy in playing with rope you processed yourself. We have created these kits for those who want to learn to process their own Romanian Hemp rope. Each kit includes:

  • 6-8 lengths of raw, unprocessed Hemp Rope with choice of end finish
  • 1 10ft "test" length of raw, unprocessed Hemp Rope
  • 1 pair of Safety Shears
  • 1 2oz bottle of Hemp, Coconut or Jojoba Oil
  • 1-2 Dye Packs (Advanced Kit includes 2)

We check each length of rope for any splices or major imperfections prior to shipping so you only receive usable rope. Easy to understand instructions are also included along with some tips and tricks. We send you a downloadable link or email these instructions to you and kits are shipped within 2-4 business days of ordering. Contact us prior to ordering if you would like a custom kit created just for you.

Our dye packets are brilliant, color fast dyes which are easy to use and are non toxic when used correctly. Dye is measured according to weight/amount of raw rope in each kit and includes a 2oz packet of color fixative and dye set agent, soda ash. Each kit comes with 1-2 dye packs to get you started. If you choose Natural Rope, then no dye packs will be included. We highly suggest ordering a couple additional dye packets depending on the depth of color you want to achieve and to experiment with and to avoid streaking. The darker the color, the more dye you will need (i.e. Black rope equals to 3-4 2oz dye packets, Reds, Purples and Blues tend to be 2-4 2oz dye packets) Color choices and prices can be found at the bottom of our Unprocessed Rope and Dye page. Additional accessories you may find useful are Rope Oils (we include 1 bottle to get you started), Waxes, Suspension Rings, Shears and Tenugui.

Basic DIY Hemp Rope Kit - 6 lengths of raw Hemp Rope - starts at $52.00

  • 4 x 6MM 30ft lengths
  • 2 x 6MM 15ft lengths

Advanced DIY Hemp Rope Kit - 8 lengths of raw Hemp Rope - starts at $80.00

  • 6 x 6MM 8 meter lengths
  • 2 x 6MM 10 meter lengths