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Our business was built on providing a variety of exotic wood implements from paddles to cane, floggers to rope. Enjoy!

Rattan Canes

For the cane enthusiast who wants a natural cane, our Natural Rattan and Tiger Rattan canes are perfect additions to your toy bag. Our Rattan canes are made from quality skin on Rattan poles cut on Maui. We receive them as untreated and pure full length (7+ ft) reeds which we cut, sand by hand, shape and straighten, cure and treat, optional oil filled, polished, glossed, sealed and test for flexibility, strength and effectiveness. Since the reeds are naturally grown, they tend to taper from top to bottom in width. We cut our Rattan at the knuckle for tip strength and the average thicknesses vary after light sanding. Flexible, firm, thin, light and easy to wield our skin on Rattan processing may create a slight natural curve in the cane for extra sting and control. Inspired by Eskrima sticks, used in Philipino martial arts, our Tiger Stripe Rattan canes are mottled and fire hardened with a Tiger pattern unique to other skin on Rattan Canes. We offer them in a standard, natural finish or linseed oil filled for your pleasure. Currently we only offer our Rattan Canes with no handle options. Since Rattan is a natural product, please play safely. What does the oil filled option provide? Extra sting and flexibility! Please note - we have a limited supply of these beautiful canes available and once they are gone, that's it!

Diameters of our stock will vary between 3/16" - 1/2" and the current stock is only 30" long. There are no options to choose length at this time. Allow 3 business days to create for oil filled canes.