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Do you have a store?

We're sorry, our workshop is not open to the public and we do not have a physical store front. We will be releasing a list of retailers that carry our items very soon. See our Event Schedule for events we will be vending at. We now offer local pick up for customers in the greater Saint Louis area.

How do I place an order?

Please review our Order & Shipping page and read it in its entirety. Be sure to check to see if you qualify as a retail customer OR a wholesale customer.

Do you ship internationally? Will items ordered from you go through customs, and what happens if they do?

Yes, we ship worldwide! Please review our Order & Shipping page for further details.

How long does it take for you to process and ship your rope?

Please note that a majority of our ropes are made to order or custom made. Our standard processing times apply to all retail orders and wholesale accounts. We process our ropes in small batches and try to keep a stock of all the raw materials and dyes available. Normal processing and conditioning takes between 3-15 business days from date of received/processed payment. (Business days = Monday - Friday. We do not count weekends or holidays and holiday seasons do not apply) *As of December 2014, Processed Hemp Rope (especially dyed rope!) orders can be expected to ship within 10-20 business days of received payment due to the time consuming processing.* We do not begin processing orders until payment has been received or credit cards have been processed. Once the ropes are completely processed, we will ship within 24-48 hours. You will receive tracking information updated on your order status once shipped. You can check the status of your order on our Order Status page at any time. If you need your rope by a specific date, please contact us so we can guarantee shipment in time or recommend Express shipping options.

Bamboo, Silk, Violet Wand Conductive, Handspun and some Specialty Ropes are custom made for each order and standard turnaround time is 2 weeks (or between 7-14 business days, if not sooner) though processing can take up to 2.5 weeks (16-18 business days) for larger or custom orders or holiday seasons. Once the ropes are completely processed, we will ship within 24-48 hours.

Our unprocessed spools of hemp rope and other unprocessed ropes are shipped within 1-3 business days of received/processed payment (May - July we will be shipping once a week) and arrive within 2-4 days to most destinations in the US and within Canada and internationally between 7-21 days.

Can I get a sample of your ropes?

Of course. Please review our Rope Samples page and place an order with which pack best fits your address. If you only need 1-2 rope samples, please email us with the ropes you would like a sample of.

Can I wash my rope?

Yes. There are many different ways rope lovers wash and condition their ropes, so finding what works best for you is key. Taking good care of your ropes is important, so you should always research your options before washing. You should wash your rope anytime it touches bodily fluids or nether regions for safety but we recommend to wash ropes only when necessary as doing so on a regular basis can weaken or shorten the lifespan of the rope and/or natural oils. For Natural fiber ropes like Hemp, Linen, Jute and synthetics like MFP, we advise you to place your rope in a netted laundry bag/lingerie bag, loosely coil your ropes to wash either by hand or on the gentle cycle on your washing machine. Wash ropes separately from your clothes and other colors in cool/warm water and use small amounts color safe products such as All Free and Clear or Clear Spring Laundry Liquid. Do not bleach colored or UV dyed ropes! Be sure to run your washing machine through a wash cycle PRIOR to washing your ropes to make sure there are no residual oils, bleach, debris, etc from previous washes. Use care when washing, colors may bleed. The first wash may have some residual dye in it. You may opt to hand wash and soak your ropes, so be sure to rinse out all detergents. Do not dry ropes in the dryer - hang in loose coils to air dry or speed up the process with a fan. For Jute and Hemp, stretch and/or dry under tension and let dry completely before re-burnishing (if needed) and oiling. For our Luxury and Exotic fiber ropes, please read the descriptions of each for care instructions. The wash and care process can take several days before the ropes are ready for fun again!

Please note - During the oiling process, rope can get spotty from the oil which is why we generally wait 24-48 hours before shipping to allow time to dry completely. Lighter dyed rope may be more noticeable so unwrap from the packaging and let dry in a well ventilated area for a few days.

I like soft rope. I like rope with more tooth. I like rough rope. Rope is not "one size fits all"

We process and condition our ropes with that in mind - bondage rope is not one size fits all. We send you rope that has been professionally processed and conditioned ready for you to make your own. If you like more softness to your ropes, want your ropes a little more natural and rougher or have an specific preferences, be sure to let us know when placing your order. Everyone likes their ropes to look, feel and smell a certain way, which is different from the next person. The more you use your ropes (including Hemp and Jute) the more they will soften and become easier to tie.

What are the breaking loads for your hemp and jute rope?

Our raw 4MM hemp has an approximate breaking load of 215lbs, 6MM at 405lbs and 8MM at 800lbs. Our raw 6MM jute has an approximate breaking load of 330lbs and our raw 7MM jute at 630lbs. These numbers are from our raw product manufacturer, so be sure to test them before using for suspension or holding weight. If you are unsure, feel free to ask us any questions in regards to specific uses for and what rope diameter would work best for your usage. Rope conditioning and processing as well as general use will reduce a natural fiber rope's strength over time. Please note that breaking load means when a rope CAN break, not when it WILL break. Our Bamboo, Silk, Coconut, Mohair & Alpaca ropes have not been rated for suspension - that does not mean they can not be used for holding weight, just that we have not tested and rated them. Play at your own risk!

How are your hemp spools sold?

They are sold by weight, not length or thickness. We have measured anywhere from 350-450ft of rope on one 6MM spool, so lengths can vary widely. The stated lengths are approximate but width is the same throughout the coil. Every once in a while we receive a thicker 6MM or 4MM but once its processed and conditioned, you can't tell the difference. Our manufacturer states that the 4MM has approximately 460ft of length, 6MM has 450ft of length and 8MM has 350ft of length. We advise you to order multiple spools or by the foot if you need a specific length.

I want to order different ropes and colors from the ones you have on your website. Can you help?

Custom ropes and colors are available, just contact us to discuss.

How do you finish the ends of your ropes? Can you customize an end for me?

We offer a variety of standard end finishes (read each product description for specifics and availability) which include black whipped ends, doubled knotted ends, overhand knotted ends and taped ends. We can customize the ends of any of our ropes using a variety of knots and whippings (including different colors), just be sure to note in your order. We will send all of our ropes with the standard whipped ends unless otherwise noted.

You have beautiful colors!

Mahalo! Please note that colors may vary slightly from photos as each batch of rope is processed and dyed by hand and lighting can make the colors appear slightly darker or lighter than the actual rope you receive. We use color vibrant, color fast dyes that are fun to experiment with.

I'm allergic to certain fibers and oils. What do you products and oils do you use to process and condition your ropes?

We use several oils. Our newest addition to our collection is a luxurious and exotic sense tempting oil created with coconut oil. No preservatives, emulsifiers or animal products are added to these oils. Among the oils in our standard collection, we can condition your ropes with are Coconut, Hemp, Jojoba, Tsubaki and Hypo-Allergenic Mineral Oil. We will send the ropes already conditioned with one of the standard oils listed on each page so if you don't want your rope conditioned with anything or prefer a different oil, please note in your order. We will work with you find the right type of oils and products in our collection, so be sure to let us know! We also create custom oils in intoxicating scents such as Leather, Bamboo, Willow and more.

Please note - During the oiling process, rope can get spotty from the oil which is why we generally wait 24-48 hours before shipping to allow time to dry completely. Lighter dyed rope may be more noticeable so unwrap from the packaging and let dry in a well ventilated area for a few days.