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Jute Rope Kits

We offer two Jute Rope Kits. Our line of Tossa Jute Rope is hand processed, conditioned, dyed a variety of colors and delivered ready for use right away. Jute Rope is becoming increasingly popular as a natural fiber choice for bondage and our tossa jute makes for a beautiful rope with a silkiness, sheen, high grade of durability and strength. Each kit includes choice of up to 2 colors, end finish, a pair of safety shears, 2oz bottle of oil (Tsubaki or Jojoba) and tenugui or furoshiki (random choice from selection in stock). We may substitute oils for wax depending on stock availability or international shipments that do not allow oil to pass through customs. Please make a note at check out which lengths of rope should be which colors if you choose 2 dye colors or we will split the rope evenly.

Our Basic Jute Rope Kit is a fun starter kit that introduces you to some standard lengths of conditioned Jute Rope that can be used in almost any basic tie. This kit includes 4 lengths of rope - 2 x 6MM 30ft lengths and 2 x 6MM 15ft lengths, safety shears, bottle of oil and tenugui/furoshiki. Basic Jute Rope Kit starts at $70.00


Our Jute Rope Dojo Kit is perfect for riggers who use meter lengths or shibari ties. This kit includes 8 lengths of jute rope - 8 x 6MM 8 Meter lengths, safety shears, bottle of oil and tenugui/furoshiki. Jute Rope Dojo Kit are $160.00