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Mohair Rope


Imported from Nepal, our Mohair fiber rope is sensually soft, with a natural fuzz that is spun from the silky hair of the Angora goat. With a faint mohair scent, high luster and sheen, uniform twist, our 3 strand Mohair Rope has become a favorite with our riggers. It knots easily, is lightweight yet strong and feels warm and heavenly on the body. We do not treat the rope with any chemicals or oils; we recommend hand washing with a gentle soap and air drying to minimize the fuzz. A beautiful addition to our collection, this Mohair Fiber Rope is sure to become a favorite. We offer this rope in 6MM diameter with whipped ends only in 19 colors. We fully customize your bondage rope to fit your needs - order in foot or meter lengths up to continuous lengths of 100ft. Pricing is by the foot or meter. Custom lengths available.

3 strands in 6MM diameter

Mohair Rope Colors - Natural, White, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Black, Brown, Red, Merlot, Burgundy, Tan, Denim Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Bright Green, Pink, Purple, Bright Blue, Turquoise and Celebration (multicolored). Custom colors or shades possible.

 R/P: JBRoper, Model: Regina Atwood, Rope: Mohair

 R/P: JBRoper, Model: Regina Atwood, Rope: Mohair