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Ramie Rope

Ramie is a type of nettle grown in Asia that is silky, strong and durable. When spun with flax, the stronger the fiber becomes but also slightly coarser. Sourced from Japan, our Ramie Rope is organically grown 80% ramie/20% flax and can be compared to Hemp, Jute and Linen in terms of strength and durability and has practically no stretch. We don't treat this rope with any oils or conditioners and some slight fuzz is natural. The rope starts off with a bit of a coarse but well defined texture that softens with use and a subtle luster. Currently this is a limited release fiber as we only have a small amount available and it is handspun to order. We recommend hand washing with a gentle soap and air drying with most of our ropes to maintain their properties but Ramie is machine washable on the gentle cycle. We offer this rope in 2 diameters with choice of ends in 1 color, Natural (as shown above) We fully customize your bondage rope to fit your needs - order in foot or meter lengths up to continuous lengths of 30ft.

3 strands in 5MM and 6MM diameters

Ramie Rope Colors - Natural