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Rope Samples

Sample packs are shipped via USPS First Class Mail to arrive within 4-6 business days within the US and 6-12 business days International. All samples are from colors and diameters in stock and usually range from 6-7" in length. We ship sample packs twice a month (around the 14th and 28th of each month, dates will vary some) Please be sure to order a few days before the dates so we can prepare your sample pack in time. If you are needing custom samples (specific colors, diameters, etc) please email us prior to ordering.

Due to the increase in postage costs via USPS we now offer one sample pack at two prices based on domestic or international shipping addresses. Shipping costs are included in the prices listed below. Tracking numbers (only applicable to some countries) are updated on your order status once packs are shipped.

Standard, Luxury & Exotic Rope Samples

Each sample pack consists of 20 samples and includes worldwide shipping:

  • Processed Hemp Rope  (Out of Stock)  
  • Natural Jute Rope (2 types) 
  • Dyed Jute Rope      
  • Unprocessed (Raw) Hemp Rope
  • Unprocessed (Raw) Jute Rope     
  • Mohair Rope   
  • Alpaca Rope    
  • Linen Rope   
  • Coconut Rope   
  • Bamboo Rope    
  • Silk Rope (2 types)
  • Bamboo/Silk Blend Rope
  • MFP Rope
  • Handspun Jute Rope
  • Handspun Hemp Rope
  • Ramie Rope
  • Soy Silk Rope
  • Sea Silk Rope