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Rope Care

Can I wash my rope?

Yes. There are many different ways rope lovers wash and condition their ropes, so finding what works best for you is key. Taking good care of your ropes is important, so you should always research your options before washing. You should wash your rope anytime it touches bodily fluids or nether regions for safety but we recommend to wash ropes only when necessary as doing so on a regular basis can weaken or shorten the lifespan of the rope and/or natural oils. For Natural fiber ropes like Hemp, Linen, Jute and synthetics like MFP, we advise you to place your rope in a netted laundry bag/lingerie bag, loosely coil your ropes to wash either by hand or on the gentle cycle on your washing machine. Wash ropes separately from your clothes and other colors in cool/warm water and use small amounts color safe products such as All Free and Clear or Clear Spring Laundry Liquid. Do not bleach colored or UV dyed ropes! Be sure to run your washing machine through a wash cycle PRIOR to washing your ropes to make sure there are no residual oils, bleach, debris, etc from previous washes. Use care when washing, colors may bleed. The first wash may have some residual dye in it. You may opt to hand wash and soak your ropes, so be sure to rinse out all detergents. Do not dry ropes in the dryer - hang in loose coils to air dry or speed up the process with a fan. For Jute and Hemp, stretch and/or dry under tension and let dry completely before re-burnishing (if needed) and oiling. For our Luxury and Exotic fiber ropes, please read the descriptions of each for care instructions. The wash and care process can take several days before the ropes are ready for fun again!

Please note - During the oiling process, rope can get spotty from the oil which is why we generally wait 24-48 hours before shipping to allow time to dry completely. Lighter dyed rope may be more noticeable so unwrap from the packaging and let dry in a well ventilated area for a few days.