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Testimonials & Reviews

Check out the photos featuring our Hemp Rope by JC of Stark Arts Photography and our Dyed Jute Rope and Coconut Rope by RiggerJay

The delectable MinxGrrl has recently posted several reviews of our Coconut, Alpaca and Yak Ropes as well as our Small Bamboo Paddles (photos included!)

Lucy Lemonade has posted two reviews featuring our Dyed Jute Rope and an Acrylic Cane for her Student Blogger post on Kink Academy

The wait was well worth it. I love the ropes and can't wait to show off my wife in them at the next show. Thank you very much and can't wait to order the next set! JK, Spain

Received our jute ropes (turquoise) today and I cannot say how great they not only look, but also the fantastic quality of them. Definitely if I require any more I will have no hesitation in ordering more from you. Thanks for the service and the great price also. P.T. - Australia

I just received a Custom Looped Tiger Rattan Cane, 34" long, approx 8MM diameter with Brown Bison Leather Handle, Oil Filled Tiger Rattan Cane, 34" long, approx 8MM diameter with Brown Bison Leather Handle, Tiger Rattan Schoolmaster Cane, 34" long. I can not say enough about how delighted I am with your product. From absolutely gorgeous to look at, to a phenomenal feel in the hand and in application. You can believe I will be one of your best advocates for promoting your quality and workmanship You may want to keep the jig you used for that 3 Looped cane - just say'n :) As soon as I can get a picture of these, I will be placing them on my FetLife Profile. While I did not find you website from FetLife (actually found it by searching for Dead Blow Canes), I am active on Fet and my friends know I only promote the highest quality implements.  Morgan, IL

Thank you so much for expediting my order to me! I wanted a rope set for an upcoming workshop and waited till the last minute and just before a holiday weekend to make my purchase. Communication on your end was prompt, discrete and courteous (despite the tight deadline!). I felt like my order was a priority, a rare feeling to have about an online purchase. I was absolutely thrilled when my order arrived on time right at my doorstep. I am thoroughly impressed with the services and products of Maui Kink and will continue to order products from your company. Thank you, thank you, thank you! a VERY satisfied customer, S.C.

I ADORE my flogger. It's perfectly made, gorgeous in every aspect and perfect for the two of us using it. Thank you! CG, KY

My cane is fantastic!  its my new favorite toy!  Thank you! MV, CA

We just returned from Kinkfest Monday and I wanted to thank you again for the excellent work you did in creating our bag. There was room galore for everything we wanted to take, and it was all very organized. It allowed our dungeon experience to be focused on us, not the gear. A, WA

Review of a special Koa and Mahogany Frat Bat

Your items always exceed expectations! L, Lovers Lair

We really enjoy the canes we bought from you. The schoolmaster canes made great gifts, and the mango-handled canes are well made and are very effective and handsome. We will be ordering more items from you. M, HI

I am MORE than please with my experience with your company. Thank you so much for shipping it so quickly. I will make sure to pass along my experience to all my friends as I have many that are rope enthusiasts. J, PA

The item I ordered is wonderful! I was attempting to replace a paddle that I had lost years ago in a "divorce". Neither me or my ex could remember where we purchased it and I think it might have even been at a convention. A few times a year I would try to find a similar paddle online but everything I found looked poorly made and not nearly as functional as the paddle I wanted. Basically they all looked like novelty items!  I was just doing my normal browsing when I found your website and I almost came out of my seat when I saw the leather/fur paddle! It was perfect. We received it very quickly and it feels exactly like the one I am replacing but is even more beautiful. Thank you! S, FL (Feedback on our Lucky Paddle)

Reviews of our Rattan Schoolmaster Cane and Purpleheart OTK Paddle

After returning home from a weekend of debauchery in which our new custom finger floggers were well used, I'd have to say THANK YOU!!!!  We love your product! The quality is top-notch, it is exactly what we expected and your customer service can't be beat (hee hee, "beat").  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and indeed I've already sent a dozen people to your site. In truth I'm already planning and scheming about my next custom order from you! Thanks a million, SM CA

Jay and Georgia of Fit 2 Be Tied, have given some rave reviews of our products! You can check out their reviews of products including a Rattan Cane, Dragon's Tongue Whip, Rope, Rope and oh yeah, Rope :)

I recently received my custom toybag from Maui and wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the quality of workmanship, the custom layout for my canes, floggers, paddles and rope along with my club logo on the bag. Your customer service was excellent and I will call upon you in the future for quality implements and gear. Thank you, A Sir CA

I have been nothing but pleased with my experience with Maui Kink: from my initial inquiry to the rapid processing of my order to the excellent communication I have received from you, I cannot thank you enough for the high level of service that you have provided even with my relatively small order. As for the Nagyka: Axel is truly a master of his craft. The leather is as supple as it is beautiful and the weight and feel of this particular whip rivals even the finest original examples from Russia and eastern Europe. It is quick, well-balanced, exceptionally well-made and gorgeous and I am sure that it will serve its purposes for many, many years to come. This is one of the best short whips I have ever had the pleasure of handling and I look forward to making all of purchases of this nature from Maui Kink. - K, TN

I never have any complaints when I order from you guys. You always take the time to go over the details, make sure everything is right, ship quickly and send me beautiful and fun toys. My girls love everything and I am so happy to have found you. I can't wait to see what new items you come up with. Thanks, C, TN

I love you Maui Kink - the paddle is perfect, my boyfriend is going to be shocked when he sees it. THANK YOU! Love B, Ontario

Oh I was so happy when my package arrived. The whip is fabulous with such a pretty handle M loves it! I've fallen in love with the mohair rope, the cane and now I have some new books for our next road trip. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience. It was so nice to actually talk to someone instead of ordering from just another kink store. We will be back soon. Best regards, LT, MI

Holy cow, we can hardly believe the goods! We've already tried everything to some degree or other. Those nipple stocks are fabulous! The curved design is great. We love the way they follow the contours of her breasts. We are so glad we decided in favor of the curly koa paddle. It's absolutely beautiful. L already has a love/hate relationship with the dragon's tongue! The bison flogger far exceeded our expectations. Its weight is perfect, it is beautifully balanced, the handle is gorgeous, and the colors of leather are a perfect compliment to the wood. I love throwing it, as it takes little effort on my part, and controlling the inertia is very easy. And it makes L get all warm and tingly..... You delivered top quality items well within the promised time frame. Know that we will tell everyone at Leather Retreat exactly where we got our toys. Thank you again. We will be doing more business with you in the future. D & L, VA

 "You want feedback? How about this… YOU GUYS ARE WONDERFUL ! ! ! I was absolutely thrilled with the etching and the quality of the glasses. Your bonus inclusion of the bamboo nipple cups was an EXCELLENT choice as many I’ve talked to have never seen bamboo sets used in person. I can’t wait until I have an opportunity to spring both the glass and bamboo cups out during our next public outing. Although I only received them on Tuesday, they have already been used on both my BDSM slaves and both were absolutely thrilled. Both agree with me that the sets, both glass and bamboo are not just another BDSM tool for the toy box, but have already become a treasured heirloom quality addition to our sessions and family."

Good day to you all, The rope was absolutely divine and the instructions easy to follow. I appreciate the coconut scented rope oil; it's very different from the traditional mink oil I'm used to. Would definitely buy again from you. Best regards, Mr. SB - Canada

I just opened the box!! The rope is beautiful thank you!! The price was perfect for a new student, I now have my very first set of ropes and I can't wait to use them.  I'm really looking forward to processing them myself! Kind regards - M

Hello, I was completely satisfied with my rope kit and my mohair rope! The mohair rope especially met my expectations; I have a friend with a very special attachment to mohair, and when I saw that you were selling it, I knew I had to have it for him. It was well received! Thank you again for your great products and amazing customer service! - JH

I got my order of Crimson Lava coconut rope this past Saturday - just in time for a play night that very evening!  You can't imagine my gleeful squeal when I saw it sitting on my doorstep.  :) One of my play partners tied me up and suspended me in it (don't worry, we used a cushy mat below!) -- it was lovely and fantastic.  And the red color came out absolutely perfect.  Said play partner is also in the market for some custom hemp, so I pointed him your way.  Your highly affordable willingness to do custom work has me recommending you to everyone. Oh - the hemp I got was also delightful - it smells all hempy.  :) Thanks again for the great product and I'm sure I'll be coming around for more coconut rope soon enough. - Z

Aloha! (do I qualify to say that now?) My gf and I are just now processing our hemp rope, so far so good. The service you delivered was beyond exemplary. From responding to emails several times on a holiday Sunday, to shipping rapidly, and great products, MauiKink has delivered a lot of satisfaction and I'm sure repeat orders, from our friends in Indiana and Mississippi. We really appreciate the extra deal on the 4mm colored nylon which we'll use for knot demonstrations at our Playhouse, and the EMT shears, to be placed in a satchel at the entry to each Playhouse scene room with a little card about MauiKink. - MC

Hello Maui Kink, The "scorpion" whip has been great-took some time to get used to the feel of using a single tail, but once I felt confident enough to try it with my sub-well, we're both quite pleased. It's a great beginner's whip-nice and accurate, and inflicts just the right amount of pain (thuddy or sharp) for my little masochist. Thank you, Ms. S

I had previously ordered hemp rope from [another vendor] It was high quality but expensive. So looking for an alternative I found your website (because now I was looking for bamboo rope but [other vendor] had it for $70+ for 30ft!). I am extremely satisfied with the hemp and bamboo rope I received. The bamboo rope has a tight weave is really good quality. The hemp rope is every bit as nice as I was hoping. And the smell of your rope is wonderful. I will be getting all my rope from your website, and recommending to my kinky friends. Great quality and great price! Double whammy! And the cane is nice too, beautiful handle.

Thank you so much. I just wanted to say again that I've been extremely impressed with your company overall including quality of goods and customer service. I would and already have highly recommended you to others. I have to admit I do a lot of online purchasing and few online businesses can match the quality of your customer service/shipping/fair prices and good products. Keep up the good work, it does make all the difference in the world and we do notice it. Much appreciated, J

The selection of rope you included was wonderful. I am especially intrigued with the coconut and palm tree fiber ropes. We took the entire collection to Kansas City with us when we presented a couple of classes on rope bondage. The ropes are amazing...Thank you so much for the rope. It will be used wisely and with much élan!! And probably a bit of moaning and groaning. Big Smile!! - J, Texas

I am more than happy and I will be ordering again shortly (read as within next 2 months). The jute is also nice, I think I prefer hemp. I will be getting some of that coconut from you as well, for when I am in a bad mood :) - K, Australia

Hello from Switzerland, I received the items a few days ago. The ropes are of an excellent quality and I enjoy them a lot. I will make a few bondage session with my models and think about ordering some more ropes in a near future. I'm also reading the books now and I'm very interested in it. - P, Switzerland

We love all the items received and are definitely planning to order in the future. Thank you so much. Again we look forward to showing everyone our beautiful items and especially we look forward to our next order. - M

I had ordered two spools of hemp, and I am thrilled with them. The whole process of working with you has been wonderful. All my queries were promptly answered, polite, and helpful. I have even recommended your company to my friends. - L

We've received your BEAUTIFUL & CREATIVE donations! Thank you so much! We cannot say enough how much we appreciate your donation. I'd promised to share when they've arrived, and they are awesome!

Your items are really fantastic! The paddle with the name of the event on it is BEAUTIFUL! The wood of the nipple clamps is gorgeous. The other paddle is really beautiful as well...I'm just hoping I don't win that one. But I'm sure there are a few sadists around here who will think it's just perfect. Thank you so much for your generosity.  We appreciate it so much!

We gave the coconut rope and elephant hide paddle to friends and we wanted you to know the gifts were very well received. In fact, one person didn't tie his sub up, but took the hank of folded up rope and just started wailing on her with it. Brilliant! Genius! Makes me wish I'd have saved some of the rope for myself.  D & G, Maryland

You guys rock, Hands down. Service was great. Thank you for being patient with me and helping me through my card hassles. The rope arrived quickly and it was everything I hoped for. Awesome. You will be receiving more of my money, just as soon as I have some to give you. :) - J, Montana

I shall be certain to refer you to my rope-needing friends. You've all been friendly and seem to really care about your business and the work you do. Best wishes to you and thank you for all that you do.

OH MY GOD! I LOVED my paddle and whip. THANK YOU! When I opened up the boxes on Xmas and my husband told me where he got the paddle and whip from I knew I had to email you right away. They are beautiful, unique and so much fun. We already took the paddle for a test drive this morning! Thank YOU again. I already have some new items picked out for our next order. - T, California

Aloha, your goods not only met, but exceeded all expectations. I gave a "punishment stick" and the "candy canes" to friends as Christmas gifts and they were overjoyed. Thank you for your phenomenal work. - R, Hawaii

I ordered a spool of your unfinished Romanian hemp and I have to say it is some of the best hemp I have ever finished my self, it really comes out extremely soft and supple yet strong! I have also now ordered a set of your finished colored hemp to see how they compare and look forward to getting it in the mail and giving it a go! Thank you for your excellent products! - J, APO

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I was expecting something unique & what I received was more than that. The canes are perfect for my boy, the Rattan paddle is so light (and stings!) and the cane case is the envy of all my friends. Not only can I fit the 2 canes in it, but 3 of my own plus your rattan paddle, some rope and some "accessories" boy carries the case when we go to the local club and everyone asks where we got it. I tell them to order from you! Thank you again, we will be back soon :) - Lady D, California

I took a chance ordering since I had not met anyone from your company but several friends raved about your girl loves your Dragon's Tongue and the flogger. Loves them. she started stroking the leather as soon as I opened the box hehe. Thank you for making her birthday a special one with some new toys. Mahalo to you all from Boston - Sir K, Boston

Great cuffs, they fit so well and are comfortable too. Thank you for the speedy shipping - G, Canada

What can I say? You always provide such great service, answer all my emails promptly and create some really fun toys. I enjoy ordering from you, Emme. You make the process so simple. The whip was beautiful and the paddle caused some pain last night. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. - T, AZ