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Unprocessed Rope & Dye

Process your own bondage rope to suit your needs.

Our hemp is made in Romania from certified organic hemp that is processed without pesticides or chemicals of any kind. Hemp ropes have always been valued for their natural strength and resistance, ability to hold knots, softness and its natural smell, all of which makes it an ideal fiber for bondage. Rope is shipped raw, unconditioned, on spools or cut to length with taped or overhand knotted ends.

Hemp spools are sold by weight, not length, so lengths can vary widely from our manufacturers quoted numbers below. Please order by the foot if you need specific lengths. We will try to make sure raw hemp rope by the foot is as clean as possible but make no guarantees that lengths over 50ft will not have any splices. May - July we will be shipping raw rope once a week, usually on Monday's. If you need it shipped sooner, please let us know at the time of ordering or before ordering.

4MM Hemp Spool = 2kg (4.5lb) = approximately 450ft of hemp rope on each spool. 6MM Hemp Spool = 3kg (6.5lb) = approximately 400ft of hemp rope on each spool. 8MM Hemp Spool = 4kg (8.8lb) = approximately 325ft of hemp rope on each spool.

We offer our beautiful Tossa Jute Rope, raw, unconditioned in 5MM and 6MM diameters by the foot or in hanks of 300ft with taped or overhand knotted ends.

Please note our current stock of Raw Hemp Rope consists of both spools and footage; if you order a spool and it is out of stock, we may send you uncoiled 3kgs of raw hemp which generally equates to a little extra rope! If you need your hemp on a spool, please note it on your order.

Hemp Rope - by the Foot & Spool

Jute Rope - by the Foot & Hank

Bondage Rope Dyes

Our rope dyes are specially formulated for natural cellulose fiber ropes such as Cotton, Hemp, Jute and Silk. These powder fiber reactive dyes are colorfast, vibrant and easy to use. Dye is shipped in re-sealable plastic packets for storage. We sell dye in 1oz and 2oz packets (see below for pricing) and Soda Ash in 1lb packets. Please note that the colors represented here may vary slightly from the actual colors you achieve as your monitor can affect the way you 'see' colors. If you don't see a color you love here, please contact us for custom dyes. If you are new to dyeing, please review our beginners dye process instructions.